Phishing scam - Report Spam or Move to Junk

What we're up to?

Here. We're providing information of all those bogus and fraud email which are called SPAM & Junks. These are sent as part of the conspiracy to trap you in a Phishing scam.

What shall we do?

Just avoid them...! And warn others from such email(s) as these meant for some unscrupluos purpose.
Your alertness may save money and the life of your near and dear ones.

Nowadays, not only emails but invitations of various Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other adult friendship websites are quite common.


There're some email which camouflages as emails from PayPal or Prominent bank, these mails instruct you to update your account/personal details urgently.
So beware of such mail.

For visitors,

Kindly share such emails and links to us at mail@junkandspam.net

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